Saturday, November 24, 2007

One other thing

When I was at Joann's on Tuesday, I saw a sewing machine tote on wheels. I wrote down the measurements of the bag because I am needing a bag for my new machine and since Bubba is so heavy, I really want one that is on wheels. The bag was 19.5 long X 16.5 high X 11 wide. I forgot to measure my machine until last night when I was looking through the Joann's ad for the after-Thanksgiving Day sale and they had my bag!!! It was a Friday doorbuster! The bag was originally 89.99 and was on sale at 34.99 with an additional 20% off! I can't believe that I missed it!!

Here is the ad for the sale that is now over. The bag is in the top right corner - the red one. It even had removable cases to carry extras in. Dang it!

And in case anyone is wondering, my Bubba is 17.5 wide X 12 high X 8 wide. Just in case this would be helpful information.....

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Jen said...

Oh that just sucks! Another thing to watch for sales on is the Scrapbook totes. Besides...the scrapbook ones are usually more girlie these days!