Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a stressful night....

Tonight, I was on my way to my quilt class at Best Friends. I was on time and totally ready to get there and learn something new. I pull into a spot, put the car in park and turn off the ignition. The problem? The key won't come out of the ignition. I try pulling on it, twisting it, but it doesn't budge. At this point, I can't even turn the key to start the car. I was getting so frustrated so I called the ONStar people. It rang and rang and rang. Now, I am thinking, WTF?!?! Finally, they answer and say that they can run a diagnostic on the car, but only if it is running. They will have to call roadside assistance and get someone out to where I am. But, where I was, I was not leaving the car with a key in it. I saw that there was a different Pontiac dealership just up the street so I drove up there. Unfortunately, the service department was closed. I stopped and asked a salesman to help and he couldn't get the key out either. He said for us to go inside and see what we could do. We go in and they said that with the Service department closed there was nothing that they could do. I could leave the car with them for when service opened in the morning, but I couldn't get a car to go anywhere. I was beyond ticked! So glad that I didn't end up buying the car from them.

I left there and called my BIL and told him what was going on. Well, I was highly irate and he ended getting a bit of that. He went through all the possibilities of why the key wouldn't release and I jiggled the wheel and the gear shift and the key finally came out! I ended up being about 25 minutes late to my quilt class. What a mess!

Anyway, this is what I got done for my class. I really like the end result, but I am not too sure about the applique part yet. We'll have to wait and see how the blanket stitching goes.

I have also been working diligently on my Star and Nine Patch blocks. I have everything cut out and have been stitching and ironing and cutting, Oh my! I probably won't have all of the blocks done by Friday and I told Jan, my teacher, that tonight. I will definitely be going back though to learn how to make the pieced border. But I am going to take my time on the blocks. I am thinking that I might like to keep this quilt for me to put on my bed. I would have to paint my bedroom, but I am OK with that, too!


Jen said...

For your applique, did they mention putting something behind the block to stabilize it? I use a product called easy stitch and tear or something like that. I think it's about 99 cents a yard at Jo-Ann's. It feels funny, but it's a cloth "like" thing and then it's got little holes all over so it rips off really well. It will help keep your applique stitches flat; especially in the areas that don't have heat and bond behind them.

How frustrating with your car. I'm hoping it's only a fluke but take it to the dealer to make sure. If you have a garage; back in... I say this why? A few years ago I couldn't get my ignition to turn. The key would go in and I couldn't move it. I'M NOT SAYING THIS IS WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR CAR. I'm just throwing it out there. I had to call Mike home from work and at first he just thought I was being an idiot. Finally after him trying for about two hours he called a tow truck. Since it was in the garage and my car couldn't be thrown into neutral there was no way to get it out. They ended up popping the hood and had to break something to get it out. In the end, the key mechanism had broken away or fallen apart or something so it had to be replaced. =(

Moneik said...

I completely agree with Jen about using something behind the applique. I use Totally stable. It's an iron on paper that tears away after you're done with the applique stitching.
That sucks with your car and to think it is brand new. I hope you get it figured out. Good Luck. The quilt is going to be pretty in those colors.

Maureen said...

I love your quilt so far...the Santa will be adorable when you applique him....I agree with Jen and Moniek to use some sort of stabilizer behind the quilt!!!

I once had my car refuse to start because a little wire in the ignition broke and the car thought it was being stolen...silly car...anyways my husband then boyfriend came and pulled the car to my parents house and then figured out what was wrong...I know this is not what was wrong with your car but I understand the frustration!


Angie said...

Hi Jill, I just found your blog through bitnbyaquiltingbug. So sorry to hear about your car troubles! What an aggravation!! Glad you got the key out ... finally. :/ I love your applique piece that you're working on. Cute, cute pattern! And I can't wait to see your Star/Nine Patch as it grows. I have two wienie dogs, too, Dewey and Badger. They send greetings to your 'babies'. :>)

Michelle said...

The key thing has happened to me too a few times, but my hubby, being a service manager knew just what to do. Sometimes, if your tire is wedged up against something, and your steering wheel is just in the right place, it will do that. Just pull your steering wheel so it moves a bit, and try turning the key. We have a raised 'crack' that runs across our garage, and sometimes that causes it. It IS frustrating though. Hopefully, that is all that was/is wrong.

Your snowman is cute, and I love the color of your blocks.