Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Today is my last day for prep work on the house before my quilting friends come over to sew for 2 days! I have spent almost every evening this week cleaning and straightening and trying to get ready for everyone to be here. I know that they aren't here to see my house, but I will be able to enjoy myself if I am not looking at everything and thinking, "Man, there is a lot of dust on that!"

Anyway, I am getting ready to run out to some quilt shops and leave fliers for the Quilt Retreat. I also have some other errands to run while I am out. And I am going to stop at the little restaurant that Judy and I went to where I got the peanut butter pie. My stomach is growling already! I am going to try and get a whole pie for us to share while we sew!

This week, I have been trying to follow the Weight Watchers plan again. I figured that it was time to get back on track. I have been on the elliptical twice so far this week and have walked 2 days at lunch. And with all of the cleaning that I have been doing, it is starting to pay off! The scale has started moving downward! And I am back to 36 pounds lost! Woo Hoo!!!

OK, I am off! Wish me luck on getting everything done and ready for tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Jill, you are just like me. I know people do not care what my house looks like, but I do, and even though I know they would not notice the 1/4" of dust everywhere, I I have to do what makes me relax. You said it well....relax...I just could never put how I felt in words before.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your sewing gals on your two day retreat. I wish Jen, Snippy and I could beam ourselves there in a twinkling of our noses. We could have such fun!

Love ya!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What a great time you will have and I have a rule about friends who visit. If you come to see how clean I keep my house, don't bother. If you came to see me, you won't care about my house. On the flip side, my hubby says when I plan for company to come over, he hates it, because he says I go into panic mode and start washing walls a week ahead of time. LOL
Thanks for the nice comment on my mystery quilt. It has been a real learning experience. I'm hoping, now that I've got it all laid out, to start putting all the blocks together tomorrow.

Kristie said...

Congrats on the weight!!! Enjoy your sewing time with your friends.

Ponderings of a Craft Mom said...

Don't worry about the dust bunnies. Just have a great time and pig out until you go back on Weight Watchers. I'm going back on Weight Watchers Tuesday. Good Luck with your weight lose, I know you will do great.
Please post about your two days of sewing. I'm a beginner quilter.
Take Care and Many Blessings!
Kelly Ann from East Tennessee

Moneik said...

Have a great time quilting with your friends. I do the same thing when friends or family come to visit. I need to have it clean for my own sake, but it gives me motivation.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Go Jill Go. You're like the rest of us I go into super cleaning mode when I know anyone is coming over. But, through the years I've learned to relax and enjoy when everyone gets there. You'll have to keep us all updated with pictures while the group sews.