Saturday, April 5, 2008

ESA Ohio State Council Winter Meeting

In March, I went to Columbus for an ESA Winter Council meeting. Within the state, we have 3 meetings with all of the chapters in the state each year - Fall Leadership, Winter Council and Convention. It was great to see everyone from throughout the state that weekend and we had a great time! I may have had the best time because it was the first time that a lot of the women had seen me since I lost 40 pounds. I was the hit of the weekend!

Amy, Lynn and I headed up on Saturday morning and got there just in time for the afternoon work. As a group, we made 12 pillowcases for the kids who are in St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital to carry with them to treatments. I think that I am going to find some nice fabric and make some pillowcases for the kids.

St Jude pillowcases

We also folded about 900 shirts that needed to be sent to people who donated to the Radiothon on Valentine's Day. They had run out of shirts during the Radiothon and these will need to be mailed to anyone who didn't get one.

working 1

Judi, in the red/purplish top, is a very outspoken Democrat and Hillary supporter. Lynn and Judi "discussed" politics quite a bit all weekend. And by discuss, I mean that they were teasing each other about Hillary all weekend. It was very amusing!

working 2

working 3

After our dinner on Saturday, we went to another chapter's room for fun and games. We played Apples to Apples and I must say that it was a very good time! This is a great party/group game!

Sat Night games

We all had snacks to share and the other chapter had some wine. Kathy decided that she wanted to share her popcorn and pulled out...

Kathy's snack

Yes, a container of Comet. We weren't sure how she wanted to serve this so we stuck with chocolate! :)

On Sunday, the 3 of us in Delta Nu showed off our newest chapter accessories - pink embroidered shirts. For those of you who didn't know, Delta Nu is the sorority that Elle Woods is a member of in Legally Blonde. This is me, Lynn and Amy.

Delta Nu shirts

As a state, we are also doing Penny Wars. Every chapter in the state and the Members-At-Large has a bucket/container. For each penny that ends up in the bucket, the chapter gets 1 point. For any other type of money, you get points taken away. For example, a dime is -10 points and $1 is -100 points. Before dinner, we spent some time in our room separating our change that we brought. Here I am sorting our change. Amy and Lynn counted over $45 in silver change and dollars that we had to put into other buckets.

counting pennies

This is the Delta Nu bucket at the end of the weekend.

Pennies 2

Here is another chapter's bucket with banker's boxes of pennies. I found out last night that Delta Nu is in second place with the points and that we raised over $400 during this weekend alone!


I am not sure if there is going to be a prize other than knowing that we have made a humongous effort in raising money for St Jude's, but knowing that we are the smallest chapter and that we are in second place is a great feeling!

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