Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miscellaneous items

I have quite a few pictures from March that I never got around to blogging about so they are all going to go into this post.

There was an evening where the weather was awesome! It was after the last big snowstorm and before all of the rain that flooded my basement. I took an hour walk up to the park by my house and when I got home, I opened the backdoor to let some fresh air in. Max stood and looked out the door the entire time it was open!

Max keeping watch

The week before Easter, I took some Easter decorations out to my sister's house and saw them one evening. Ethan had pneumonia and wasn't quite himself, but he was very content to sit on my lap and eat a popsicle and then he let me get him ready for bed. He was very excited when I saw that he had a big boy bed. He loves his cars and the movie 'Cars' and he has some wall stickers stuck up over his bed. He is also using the animal pillowcase that I made for him for his birthday!

Ethan bed

Spencer's room also has a fresh look. He has Spiderman wallies all over. He has 2 beds in his room and one is Superman and one is Spiderman. It's too funny that Spidey is hanging over the Superman bed!

Spencer's room

On Easter, after we ate, the kids wanted to watch Enchanted. Aunt Carol and I wanted a nap. Spencer climbed up with me and all was well until he decided that he didn't have enough of the blanket and kept pulling it off of me. But I was able to catch a few zzz's anyway!

Nap time

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