Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some Accomplishments

Well, the migraine finally subsided, but I was left with a killer headache all day and no amount of decongestants and ibuprofen would make much difference today. I did suck it up though and got to sewing. And although I was cutting and stitching and piecing for 8 hours, I didn't get much done. But I did get some things finished that I wanted to.

Here are 2 sets of Bengals coasters that I made for my co-worker's birthday that was earlier this month. Since there was so much fabric left over, I made another set for Mary Beth's son. He loves the local sports teams.


I also finished 2 more BOM's that I am doing through Best Friends. The picture of the first one isn't great, but you get the idea.



And I put together the 2 pillowcase kits that I got at the show last weekend. I figured that it would be better to just stitch them up instead of putting them in my stash somewhere and forgetting about them.


I also worked on a block from my last super secret blocks. I have a few more to go, but I have a few more days for them. Hopefully, I can get the last ones done tomorrow and then get them mailed off as needed.

OK, I am off to bed so that I can get up and sew! :)


Gina said...

The headache sounds like sinus trouble. Hold your head over a bowl of steaming water. That might help.

Love and hugs xxx

Moneik said...

Hope you are feeling better and can sew more today. Your pillowcases look great!

Sandi said...

Hope you are feeling better...I too have migrains but not often and sometimes the day following is almost worse than the day of- just feeling hungover from the headache even though I usually take my medication and sleep off the headache part the next day usually for me is wasted. I bet today is a good day and you get all you want to get done :)

Freeblady said...

Migraines suck! I too had one this weekend with the storm that came through. Your blocks and cases look great.

Hazel said...

You've been a busy girl ,everything looks great .Glad your feeling a bit better if it makes you feel any better the older you get ,the less you will get migraines .I hardly ever get them anymore but I sure paid my dues when I was younger .

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You have been busy. Hope the head is better. Your blocks are just perfect!

Beth said...

Migraines are the pits! Excedrine for Migraines helps me. Also, giving myself a timeout.

Love the pillowcases and the blocks are PERFECT!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I have that same airplane fabric. You got alot accomplished!