Friday, May 23, 2008


I can't decided if this past week was a long week or a relatively short week. I guess that the days did seem to fly by quickly, but I don't feel like I accomplished all that much. And I guess that my OHAD ticker on the sidebar agrees. I am a few hours behind and need to catch up this weekend.

On Monday, my co-worker was back in the office and I took her the quilt for her son. She was shocked when I took the bag in to her because she had no idea what I would be bringing her. When I started telling her that I wished that I had had it done sooner, her eyes got really wide. When she felt the fabric, she started crying. Then we took it out of the bag. She hugged me twice and I had to leave because she couldn't stop crying. I am tearing up just typing this.

Her son is now in the Milwaukee area at a treatment center for his condition. She is being very hush hush about what is wrong with him and will only say that this center was the only place that would take him because the places around here don't treat males. This seems to really make people wonder what is wrong with him and to me it would make more sense to just say what his condition is than to make people wonder. All I know is that he does not have cancer.

She did say that he is allowed to have his own blanket and that he will love the colors. I just hope that it helps.

It has also made me think about the quilt that I have that I got when I was 6 or 7 years old. It was the best quilt to have when I was sick because it would keep me warm when I needed it and cool me off when I was too hot. My Aunt Linda made it for me and one for my sister that is blue. The binding is worn and probably should be replaced, but other than that, there are no signs of it's age. Especially since the Strawberry Shortcake designs are coming back. I love this little blanket!


Well, my plan for this long weekend is to quilt, clean off my TiVo, watch a couple of DVD's, have PJ days and quilt some more. So far, I still have to clean up my sewing area. I think that I can get that done before I get to bed tonight. Well, maybe...

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Moneik said...

have a great sewing weekend! I'm caught up, but I fear that will end this weekend. I'm at my parents for the weekend.