Friday, June 20, 2008

Some finishes and preparation

Last night, I wasn't feeling too well after working with Lenny and Squiggy, aka the frame, and moving some furniture around in the basement. I went to bed around 10 and was up from 1:20 until 3 AM. I did get up and go to work though because June 30th is my company's year end and there is a lot to do. But I didn't feel well this morning either. I had a little bit of food at work for breakfast, but it didn't settle my stomach at all. Lunch didn't help either so I left work at 2:30, got stuck in traffic (it was unbelievable and still ticks me off!), stopped and pick up some things at the store that sounded good and go home at 3:30. I let the dogs out, had a peanut butter sandwich on soft bread and was back in bed by 4. I slept for 2 and a half hours. When I got up, I had another sandwich and felt better. So much so that I started laundry and straightened up the first floor. At this point, laundry is almost done, the first floor is pretty clean and the basement is fairly presentable in case anyone wants to stop by and meet the new additions to my little family. :)

Once I was done straightening up, I put together a little Runaround bag - a Lazy Girl design. This was supposed to be done for the Miami Valley Guild's quilt show in May, but I got a little lazy I guess. he he he

Anyway, I got the bag done tonight from start to finish. It was super easy!


Once that was done, I finished the last little bit of binding that I needed to stitch down on this placemat. This one is now completed again. And I began working on the last bindings for the remaining 3 placemats and table runner. I might be able to have all of those attached by the end of the weekend.


Tomorrow is a BIG day! Patrice is picking me up at 6:30 AM and we are going to the Senior Center where our Guild meetings are. Then, we are getting on a bus to go to Columbus for the National Quilting Association Quilt Show. My camera is fully charged. My iPod is charging and should be fully charged by morning. I have some snacks together in my backpack and my backpack and runaround bag are packed and ready to go! Now, I just need to get some sleep so that I can get up and be ready to go when Patrice gets here. I am very excited! I will take lots of pictures and show you all!

Oh, and my Real Women Quilts pink tie died t-shirt will be worn! I can't wait!!!


Michelle said...

I'm glad you are feeling better Jill. You sure got a lot done. You have lots of fun today.

Regina said...

love that Runaround - it will be great for the show today.

Glad you are feeling better - get all those germs and ickies out of the way in June, girl - need you in tip-top physical condition for July!!!

materialjunkie said...

Hope this finds you feeling better. Is that lovely placemat you made a Quilt as you go" pattern? It s so cute and would sew up really quick.

Moneik said...

Your bag looks great. Have fun!