Friday, August 1, 2008

July Monthly Accomplishments

July was a very busy month. Reading through my list, I really got A TON done!

Here's the list:

  1. Finished piecing the block and assembled the top for the Wagon Wheels quilt. Also made the binding.
  2. 3 blocks for the Block of Month that I am doing through Best Friends
  3. Completed a Cars quilt from a Joann's kit for Ethan
  4. Completed a Christmas quilt top and prepared the binding. I bought it because the Santas reminded me of my grandparents' house at Christmas when I was little. When I showed my aunt and grandma, they totally agreed!
  5. Finished a very old UFO - Mom's Halloween Big Shirt
  6. Watched part of the Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD and practiced quilting designs a lot on a white board.
  7. Loaded, quilted and buried the thread ends on Hip to be Square, formerly known as the first Stash Pot Pie. I also got the binding attached and completely sewn down. It just needs a label now.
  8. Completed a Spiderman quilt from a Joann's kit for Spencer
  9. Fixed Bubba when he was acting ornery from over-use and wanted to suck the fabric in when I wanted him to cut the threads.
  10. Completely finished the fruit table runner and place mats. I just had to finish hand stitching the binding down on most of the pieces.
  11. Completed the entire top of the Lover's Lane UFO. When I started, I only had one block of 20 completed and about 15 4-patches and half square triangle units of 180 each that were needed for the top. I got all of the units done, the blocks assembled and the entire quilt with borders put together. I also have to say thanks the members of Quilted Chaos, the Guild small group that I belong to. They helped me lay out most of the blocks when the units were finished. Thanks so much, Ladies! I'm so glad that you could have a hand in helping me with this quilt! (Note - See pictures of my sweat shop here.)
  12. Quilted a funky block Kid Komfort with meandering loops and sewed the binding on. Am still working on stitching the binding down.
  13. Stitched a binding down fora quilt from one of the Guild small groups that is going to Alaska. The quilt, not the small group. :)
  14. Finished the Lover's Lane top! I know that this was mentioned before, but it was a HUGE undertaking with all of the piecing and ironing that had to be done!
  15. Quilted a blue Kids Komfort
  16. Completed 4 of my secret projects. Well, I finished 3 and Patrice 'finished' 1. When I post about the projects, this will all make sense. I promise!
  17. Finished a paper pieced star block for Heather.
  18. Oh, and I got in 160 hours of quilting/sewing. How cool is that? I didn't win the July Challenge, but I still did A LOT!!!

Other non-sewing items:

  1. Picked up a gooseneck lamp for Squiggy. It's wonderful to be able to see while I quilt!
  2. Tried the ice cream at The Dip. It's good! I'm in trouble!
  3. Got my shirts that I ordered with our July Challenge logo on them. Very cool!
  4. Picked up a large white board to practice my quilting designs on.
  5. Worked at the St Jude Dream Home selling tickets at the open houses for 2 afternoons.
  6. Read D is for Deadbeat and E is for Evidence by Sue Grafton
  7. Read The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen - great author!

So, it was a very, very productive month for me! August is looking like it will be almost as productive! I am going on a retreat next weekend for 2 days. I have already started thinking about what I need to get done before I leave and what I should take with me. Decisions, decisions! :)

Don't forget about the Finish it Up Month this month! Read about it here and come and join us! And if your not already a part of the Prolific Quilter's Yahoo Group, join us here!


Regina said...

WOW!!! When you list it all out like that - it is super AMAZING!!!

And you still found time to read AND volunteer AND eat ice cream?!?? You ARE a wonder woman!

Hazel said...

You may not have won but you are a winner just look at all you have accomplished ,congratulations

Gina said...

Well done. aspromised I'll be making something for you as you dwarfed my 70 hours for June. Give me a month or two as I'll make up the three and post them out the same time.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Barb said...

That's an amazing list ~ As far as I'm concerned you are all winners! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Great job on ALL of your accomplishments. However, I don't think you know what a 'very old UFO' is, one year does not qualify at least by my standards. Glad that I could 'finish' one of your secret projects.

Beth said...

Wow....I am so impressed! I barely get one done a year.
You so rock, JIll!!!!

Jen said...

You rocked July...that is for darn sure!!