Friday, July 4, 2008

Never again...

Will I ever buy a quilt kit from Joann's. The directions are horrible and I mis-cut so many times that I almost threw the whole kit away. And it has the plush fabric that stretches and is a pain to piece with. It's a good thing that I got this kit on sale or with a coupon and probably only paid around $5 or $8 for it.

Here is what the inside ended up looking like before putting the plush fabric on for the border.


I also mis-cut the border fabric and didn't have enough to border the backing with it so I had to piece the fabric for the backing. Anyway, I stitched the front to the back and then turned it inside out and closed the opening. Then, I stitched in the ditch around the plush fabric border.


It's not the greatest quilt, but it's finished. I have another kit for Spencer that is Spiderman, but I am going to substitute red flannel for the stupid plush.

Once I finished that quilt, I started the Christmas kit that I bought at the Columbus show. I figured that I could buy the backing and binding fabric for it at the sale tomorrow at Best Friends. So far, it's going together very smoothly. Now, I think it's nap time. The dogs look like they agree with me.

Hours so far today - 5.5

**Edited to add an hour. I must have just been too tired before my nap. I had been sewing since 10 AM.


Jen said...

I tell ya, that's exactly like that time I used Minkee on that Yellow Brick road quilt. I tell you that crap is the devil!!!

I did'nt have luck with one of those kits either and swore never again. I'll do a kit from a quilt shop; but not 'the j store.'

~k said...

Wow...I think that you took the words out of my mouth. That plush fabric is satanic to put it mildly. I got a suggestion to try piecing with a walking foot (which only mildly helped). I also vowed "never again" and substituted flannel for that icky plush! At least I know that it wasn't only me! :)