Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday at the Retreat

So far, Bubba is cooperating. We have had a couple of trying times, but not enough to make me pull out the other machine. I got 2 more runaround bags completed. The ladies in the room where I am are all really nice. We are having a good time laughing and catching up. We also watched the Bucket List. The only bummer is that we are on the very back wall of the building and I can't keep the internet up on my laptop so I can't chat with anyone while sewing and I can't check or send emails. Tomorrow, I might have to make a little time to check emails and read some posts. I have 85 new emails and over 200 posts to read. :(

Here are the pictures of the 2 bags that I finished tonight. I forgot to get Carol's picture with hers so I will have to do that tomorrow.

Here is Brenda. She loves the Wizard of Oz!


And here is Maddy. She likes hers, too.


Tomorrow, Maddy and I are working on bindings. She has 3 quilts to bind and I have 2. Hopefully, I will be able to get mine done quickly and start working on my pants while I help Maddy finish hers. OK, I am off to bed so that I can get up and get to work early! We get monkey bread for breakfast! Yippee!!

One more thing - we have also had some discussion on the next year's St Jude Quilt Retreat. We have some great ideas! I am very excited!


Regina said...

Looks like SO much fun!!!

vtquilter said...

That looks like fun. Great job on the bags, they came out great!

Esteemarlu said...

I love your blog and you all look like you do have so much fun. You're doing a great job for some one who hasn't been quilting for too long.Keep up the great work.

Jen said...

Those are some GREAT runaround bags!!! Sniff Sniff, I miss retreat.