Friday, August 29, 2008

Things to do

To keep myself in line, I am making a list of things that HAVE to be done this weekend. I know that I tried this a couple of weekends ago and I barely got anything done, but that was when I had a lot of homework for my Courier bag class and that took up A LOT of time. With this being a 3 day weekend, I think that I have a better shot of accomplishing more. Especially since I have most of my bag homework done for the next class.

There is only one problem with the next class. It is on Tuesday night and I have been invited to go to the Reds baseball game for a work function. And due to information that was learned last weekend, I *really* think that I should go to this work function. It would be BENEFICIAL for me to go to this work function. ;)


So far tonight, I have already cleaned up the house and am ready to start laundry. I just have to gather the laundry from the bedroom and take it to the basement and sort it and get started. I also spent a little time earlier in the week just straightening up my sewing table and all of the projects that are in the works.

All right, here is my list of things that I absolutely have to get done. Or at least work on! These are in no particular order.
  1. Quilt an Alaska charity quilt
  2. Quilt a Kid Komforts charity quilt
  3. Piece an Alaska charity quilt
  4. Piece a Kid Komforts charity quilt
  5. Finish the 4 secret projects
  6. Work on the other set of secret projects
  7. Finish one more pair of pants
  8. Finish my Courier bag homework
  9. Piece my August block for the BOM

I have quite a few more charity quilts to get pieced and a few more than that to get quilted. Lenny and Squiggy could be getting quite a work out!

OK, I'm off to get started!

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Jennifer said...

Good luck Jill - looks like it will be a busy 3-day weekend for you! I have a short list this time...but a full day of sewing tomorrow so should make some good progress, or at least that's the theory!