Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend update

Last night, I was able to get myself organized and then I headed to bed. It was an early morning this morning, but I was ready to go when Linda stopped by with Patrice to pick me up. We headed over to IHOP to meet Cathy for breakfast. We had a good time and laughed a lot! After breakfast, we went to the Open House at Best Friends and signed up for classes. We actually found a class that all 4 of us wanted to take so we all signed up!

We parted ways with Cathy at Best Friends and then Linda, Patrice and I went to Joann's. Can't pass up a good sale! We just got some books and notions. Nothing too exciting. Patrice and I ran over to the other Joann's a couple of hours later to get some of the batting that was on sale so that we could use it for charity quilts on our frames. We got a really great deal!!

Once I got home from that, I started washing the fabric that I need to work on some secret projects, took a nap and then had dinner. After that, I got to work.

I was able to finish the majority of the homework for the Courier bag class. I have to hand stitch the binding down on the flap piece and I plan on doing that on Monday night at Patrice's. We talked to our class teacher today about missing class on Tuesday and she said not to worry and that she will make sure that we learn how to put the rest of the bag together. Here are my pieces so far:


After I was done with that, I started working on my secret projects and I got 2 of the 4 complete. The other 2 are cut and ready to go and shouldn't take my too long to finish in the morning.


Once those are done, I will be able to move on to some more exciting things. Hmmm... I think that I should throw a quilt on the frame...


Moneik said...

Sounds like you had a fun day of shopping. I'm sure you'll finish your bag. It looks so cool! Mom and I were busy Clean Sweeping her sewing room. We have most of it back in and ready to finish the last touches of organization tomorrow. She even found me about 4 quilts to put on my frame! Batting and batting included!

Jen said...

Dang! Your bags are sooo cute. I'm going to have to start whipping those up too. I can't wait to start my laptop bag. Why aren't you going tonight? Oh wait, cause of the ball game where you meet mr. wonderful. =) Giggle.