Friday, October 3, 2008

Decisions made

Will they work? It's too soon to tell.

I am still sans Bubba right now. No call from the shop to let me know that I can pick him up tomorrow. In all likelihood, it will be sometime next week and I won't be able to get him until Saturday. I can live with that. I still have Lenny and Squiggy who have been slightly neglected since just before vacation and I have several charity quilts to be quilted along with several of mine. I also have a lot of prep work that can be done while Bubba is gone. Lots of ironing and cutting.

There have been some things that I have been contemplating and I think that I have made some decisions about how to proceed with these things. The first thing is UFOs. The second is scraps.

I read somewhere of a way to handle the UFOs. A person would make a list of all of her UFOs and put them on little pieces of paper in a jar and pull one of the papers out at the beginning of the month. She would then work on that project until it was finished or the end of the month came. If she got it finished before the end of the month, she would pull another piece of paper and work on that project. Once the end of the month came, the project being worked on would be returned to the jar and a new project would be pulled.

This sounds like a good system. I am going to try it this weekend and week with all of the things that I want to get done before Bubba comes back home. This should be a good indicator of how well the system will work for me.

Scraps. Well, what can I say about scraps. I have read Bonnie Hunter's Scrap User's System and it seems to make sense, although I can't see myself using a lot of 1.5", 2" or 3" strips or squares. I like the Nickel Quilts books and charm pack patterns using the 5" squares and the jelly roll patterns and books using the 2.5" strips. I am thinking that I will go through my scraps and sort them and start cutting. Or pick a bag and go through it and then grab another and start over. (I have lots of scraps!) I am going to keep the fabric separated as far as Joann's fabric and quilt shop fabric. I have lots of patterns from the Stash Pot Pie classes that I can use on the Joann's fabric and I can pick a pattern and start cutting the scraps according to the pattern so that I can use them up now. I will have to rearrange some of my projects that are already in bins so that I can free up 4 bins, but that shouldn't be a problem for long.

I feel good about these 2 decisions that I have made and I am anxious to get started so that I can see how they work out. I have a ton of shows to watch on my TiVo now that the new season has started and I picked up a few movies from the library this week to watch, too, so I should be able to make some great progress this weekend! Stick around and see what happens!


Barb said...

Wow, that sounds like a great idea.. mind if I steal it? Put all the stuff I want to work on onto slips of paper and use the luck of the draw. Thanks!

MYRA said...

That sounds like a great plan! I like it! Will have to try it out myself! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Jen said...

See, I don't really consider half of your stuff a UFO though. They're just projects you've purchased for and not gotten around to yet.