Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Accomplishments

In spite of a week long vacation with an ancient machine, I still got quite a bit accomplished. Not as much as I had hoped, but enough to keep me happy!

Quilty accomplishments
  1. Finished piecing a disappearing 9 patch top for the Alaska quilts
  2. Finished the St Jude and Lucky Charm pants
  3. Finished August block for BOM
  4. Quilted 2 charity quilts on Lenny and Squiggy – still in the process of ripping out the quilting on one.
  5. Almost missed a class at Best Friends, but was able to show up a little late and catch up quickly!
  6. Did the Tri-State 2008 Shop Hop with buddies. Had a great time! Spent lots of money and got loads of great stuff!
  7. Posted a contest and then wigged out on picking winners! I will do that this weekend! Promise!
  8. Won the Lazy Days of Summer contest with my Sunny Lanes top over at the Quilting Gallery blog
  9. Finished the 4th of July table runner for Judy’s housewarming
  10. Finished 4 placemat tops for Judy’s housewarming
  11. Quilted and finished the Ugly Quilt for mother. She loves it!
  12. Had to piece on an antiquated Kenmore while on vacation
  13. Finished my Courier bag
  14. Finished my HSTs for my Thangles class that I almost missed.

Non-Quilty Accomplishments

  1. Read/Listened to K, L, M and N in Sue Grafton’s alphabet series
  2. Got a cat bed from Linda for the dogs. They adore it!
  3. Got a GREAT CMG’s wife story! See here for that. ADD LINK!!
  4. Went to Florida for a vaca
  5. Got lots of turtle pics while on vacation
  6. Returned from vacation to my little dogs who missed me a lot!
  7. Had lots of fun and laughs feeding the dogs an ice cream cone


Carin said...

Good grief just looking at your list makes me tired.

mamaspark said...

You make me tired *and* now I feel like a slug!! Seriously, great job!!

Linda said...

Jill, I guarantee when I'm on vacation next week I won't get a single thing done. You were a real slacker in September because of that vacation thing. Sheesh!