Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I understand now

Why I can't do 4 ten hour days. It's kicking my butt! I have 2 days left and then I am sure that I will be coming home from work on Thursday and either taking a name or sleeping through until Friday morning. I think that dogs are unhappy, too. Max was awfully perky last night and kept following me around. I never could figure out exactly what he was looking for. We went to bed before 9:30.

I did get some projects together last night for the weekend. And the things that I need to take to Jen. And some Tastefully Simple mixes that we can enjoy. Oh, I can't wait for the Warm the Oven cheese dip. Yum!!

Jen has planned out our map for shopping. I am very excited! I think that I will need to stop at the Credit Union before I leave work on Thursday to make sure that I have some spending money. And we are stopping at the Crocs store! Woo hoo!!!

I still need to get Bubba out and make sure that he works well for the weekend since the cleaning. And tonight, I think that I am going to cut some fabric for the newest Stash Pot Pie quilt. My goal is to have 3 new tops finished for the next Stash class in November. The newest pattern is for a bunch of flying geese so I have found information online for a way to strip piece and get 4 flying geese unit at a time. This will work for me!

OK, I'm off to work! yea.


CatQuilter said...

Three flimsies to show at Stash Pot Pie - you big show off! LOL!!! I know you'll have fun up north. Enjoy!

Jen said...

Wouldn't Cathy just bust a gut if you came with them quilted? I dunno, sounds like a challenge to me.