Monday, October 13, 2008

Next time, smack my hand!

I finished cutting for the Moon Pie quilt on Saturday and started cutting on the Chicken in Every Pot quilt on Sunday. Moon Pie had a ton of small pieces, but the Chicken quilt went fairly quickly. They are both ready for piecing. I will take them to Jen's with me because I think that they will be easy enough to get to piecing for me to chat and be social while sewing them.

While I was trimming up my fat quarters for the Chicken quilt, I kept dropping my scraps onto the pile that I started with the Moon Pie quilt. By Sunday around 11 AM, I got tired of stepping over the growing pile so I started sorting through it. Anything that was around 1" was pitched because there isn't much that anyone can do with that. Anything up to 2.5" was put into a scrap bag for a lady at the Monday night Guild group. Anything up to 5" was cut down to 2.5" and anything over 5" was cut down to 5". I don't see a point right now of saving other sizes since these sizes can be used for Jelly Roll and Nickel friendly patterns.

So I spent some time ironing and trimming up the scraps that I have made or obtained over the past 2 years. I mostly worked on the Joann's fabric. I couldn't see that there are been much progress so I organized the bags of scraps according to quilt shop fabric and Joann's fabric. And I took pictures.

This is the pile of my quilt shop scraps. It does not include the 2 stacks of fabric in the back on the right or the Wizard of Oz fabric.


And here is the pile of Joann's fabric.


And this is a bag that is a mix of scraps from things that I have made. I need to go through the bag and sort it accordingly, but I didn't feel like doing that last night. The pile to the left is a pile of flannel. I still haven't done anything with the flannels.


So, next time someone says that they have scraps and does anyone want them, smack my hand. Unless I get these piles in order. Then, I can take scraps and add them to my system. But until I do that, seriously ... smack my hand!

Oh, and I don't think that the scraps Jen has promised me fit into this category because I already told her that I would take them.

Oh, and ... AND ... 4 more days until I leave for Wisconsin!! Woo HOO!!!


Regina said...

Looks like a productive session - I go in spurts of trimming the scraps - although I am making waffle knit pajama pants for the Munchkin and I right now and am frustrated with the scraps - can't really see a use for them but have a hard time letting them go.

Maybe I will send them to you????

Jen said...

ROFLMAO, You don't have to feel like you have to take mine. Seriously just go through and take what you want. They will always be here. Now that they are organized and have a home they don't bother me as much!!

Carol VR said...

It's amazing how fast any hobby grows out of hand.

You'll feel so much better when you get it organized.

For me I just have to find the time to sit down, when I'm not busy with the kids and all.

Moneik said...

Wowzers! You have more scraps than I have fabric! I won't send you any, at least anytime soon. So happy to hear you are making something out of them. I have a lot just sitting.

LindaS said...

Great job on conquering your stash. As usual, you've come up with a great system! Have a safe trip and lots of fun with Jen.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'll take em, Jill! Just drop 'em off on your way to Wisconsin. Giggle! But then, would you even make it there?

MYRA said...

Wow! That sounds like a heck of a lot of cutting! Good for you Jill!
How is your back though?
Yahoo for Bubba being reunited with you!!! You'll be on a roll now! 8-)
Have a good time in Wisconsin! ...?... I think my daughter will be passing through on her way home soon...
Safe travels and happy stitchings!

Babs Schmidt said...

I love your idea about separating scraps from JoAnns' and LQS. But that means I'd have to sort out 5 large boxes...maybe after the first of the year.

Have fun with Jen! It sounds like she has planned a fantastic time for y'all!

Maria said...

You have such a nice eye for fabric..! I love to shop at Joann.