Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saturday night!

Finally! We were back at the house and getting ready to sew! As soon as we walked in the door, I could hear Max and Maisy in their cage in the other room barking up a storm and Mike solemnly stated, "Those aren't dogs - they are 4 inch tall ninjas!" Jen and I cracked up! It's a very fitting name for them. Apparently, when the dogs got loose while we were on our way to the Crocs store, he had to get the neighborhood kids to help catch them because they are so quick. What a sight that probably was! Then, the kids wanted to pet the dogs and Mike told them no. ha ha

Anyway, since Mike was nice enough to let me and the pup, er uh, Ninjas crash at their house, I had made a run to the grocery store before I left and picked him up some Cincinnati staples. I took him some Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce and a few cans of Skyline and Gold Star chili. Now, I have to be in the mood for the chili, but my preference is Skyline. I'm interested to see what Mike prefers.

While we were waiting on Cindy and Jen V to come over to sew for the evening, we decided to have pizza and that I would make a pan of Skyline Chili dip. It was very good! And I believe that all of the Northerners liked it, too!

While the dip was cooking and Mike was picking up the pizza, I set up my sewing station and finally got busy on something!


I had taken a Kid Komfort/charity quilt with me that needed just a little more binding stitched down and I finished that. Then, I worked on cutting the binding and machine stitching it down on this Kid Komfort/charity quilt. Now, not only is it finished, but I used a half of a yard of fabric that I got in one of my 'scrap' boxes. woo hoo!!


While we were sewing and socializing, Jen whipped up some drinks using Sprite and jello made with peach schnapps. Yum!!


Cindy really liked her drink!


And once the dogs calmed down a little, they got along very well with Mike! We caught Max gazing wistfully at Mike quite a few times throughout the weekend! Mike even made sure that the little ninja was covered up when he was cold and shaking. :)


I was even able to finish my final block for the BOM that I have been doing through Best Friends. I love all of the blocks and I can't wait to get the finishing kit and finish the quilt!


After this, I was just pooped so I enjoyed my drink and the company and then went to bed!


mamaspark said...

You are truly evil girl. Posting that photo of the dip with no recipe! Shame on you! Looks delish!

Moneik said...

The dip looks great and everyone looks like they are having so much fun. Your comfort quilt is really cool.

Tropical Screamer said...

It's 5:51 a.m. here and your dip made my mouth water anyway.

What a fun day. Thank you for sharing.

And what a great quilt. Isn't it funny how you can look at a quilt and tell right away how much someone is going to love it?

Best regards,

MYRA said...

Mike chasing little dogs...I can just imagine!!! Here we've broken up two fur fights already before 11AM!!!
That dip looks darn good!!!
The comfort quilt looks great! I will end up well loved...definitely!! 8-)
Yummy looking/sounding drinkypoo...
lovely looking quilt behind Cindy on the photo, and a wonderful Bargello behind Mike on the couch!! Very nice!
Your BOM reminds me of 2 I have on the go and hiding somewhere in my UFOs...
Happy stitchings!