Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday's Events - Part 1

Sunday, I got up and the ninjas and I went downstairs to go outside. Max wiggled with delight when he found Mike sleeping on the floor with in face licking range! Turns out that Holly had an accident in the middle of the night and they had to migrate to the family room. I took all the dogs out and then Mike got ready to go and play golf. Jen and I bummed around a bit reading emails and blogs and sewing a little. I spent a bit of time ironing my millions of half square triangles for my Thangles Milky Way quilt.

We started to get a little famished and decided that we needed grub so we called Cindy to see where she was and then finished getting ready while we waited on her to show up. When she got there, we decided to try going to IHOP again and if they were too busy, we would hit the Great Wraps. After we ate, we ran back to the Lang store so that I could get some fuzzy shoes.

While we were in Lang, I was too lazy in a hurry to get the shoes and didn’t remove one shoe from the plastic piece that holds them together. After I almost fell and Jen and Cindy composed themselves, we decided that we should take some videos for prosperity.

Here's Jen:

Here's me on the left and Cindy on the right:

These are the pair that I ended up getting with some Muppets jibbitz.


Once we were done causing a disturbance at Lang’s, we headed to the Bits ‘N Pieces store in Jen’s area. On our way, Jen installed the jibbitz on Cindy’s and my shoes so that we could wear them and show the off.

100_0997 100_0998

We met up with Sherry who was going to run around and then sew with us at Jen’s. BNP was cozy, but they didn’t really have anything that we didn’t see at other shops. No one in our group ended up buying anything.

When we left there, we headed back to Patched Works. I think that I forgot to get a picture of the store’s front so you will have to take my word for it that it is a large building! And it’s all quilting! Jen directed me to find fabric for a Stitch’n Chix bag so that she could make it for me. I really wanted to get some Califon fabric to make a Courier bag out of, but all they had was the black and white. I am going to wait and get that from my quilt shop. This is what I ended up getting – sock monkey fabric for pants and batiks for the bag.


The Turtle enjoyed the notions here.


While we were looking at notions, the Jens (oh yeah, we saw Jen V at the shop while we were there) pointed out a couple of thread guides. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try them out.


When we were done at Patched Works, we headed back to Jen’s for some sewing!


Regina said...

Love the shoes -got to get me some of those!!

Sock monkey for jammies -what a great idea!!!

MYRA said...

LOL! Sounds like you all did much more shop hopping than sewing this weekend...which is what I just assumed your weekend was all about, but hey, shopping is just as good a weekend event! 8-)
Love the shoes! Cewl sock monkey fabric, and the Batiks are wonderful!
OK! I think I am all caught up now...
Happy stitchings, and ear scratches to Max and Maisy...