Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday Events - Part 2

We all left Patched Works and headed back to Jen's house for an evening of sewing and socializing. Upon unpacking, Sherry handed out little goodies to everyone. Here is mine. A cupcake pin cushion with a metal washer in the bottom so that it stands up and it just so happens to sit oh so nicely on the magnetic pin holders!


I continued working on my stars for my Thangles quilt top. It was very slow going. Cindy and Sherry worked on a pumpkin wall hanging that turned out very adorable! But neither Jen nor I got a picture of it. We will have to wait on Cindy to post about it.

Here is Sherry working on her wall hanging.


Here I am working on my stars.


Here's Jen...

100_1000 Wait... Where's Jen? Oh yeah, she was working on her bats and started having issues with her jaw getting sore. She took a muscle relaxer and then took a nap. Slacker!

And here's Cindy...

100_1001 Man, they were dropping like flies! Cindy had to run home for dog duty. She didn't end up coming back.

When Jen got up, she made up some drinks. Since we ran out of Sprite, we used Cherry 7Up. I came up with the name Cheech splashes for our drinks - Cherry 7Up, Peach Schnapps and jello shots. It was fantastic!


I worked on my stars for the rest of the night and I finally got all of the sewing and ironing done for the large stars and made a good dent in the work on the smaller stars.

Max enjoyed some time with Mike and Holly.


And Maisy enjoyed hanging with us girls in the kitchen!


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Carol VR said...

That cupcake pincushion looks good enough to eat.