Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monday's Awesome Adventures

I am running out of catchy titles. This one will have to do.

Monday, we woke up and I started ironing the last of my small stars for the Thangles quilt. In case anyone is questioning the amount of sewing that I spent on these blasted things, I bet Jen can confirm that it was A LOT! There were 15 large and 30 small star blocks. And when I went up there, I was barely past the cutting and the sewing of the half square triangles. Actually, my HSTs were completed, but I still had to assemble all of the blocks.

Here are my ironed large stars and un-ironed small stars.


Here are all of the stars ironed.

100_1013 100_1012

Jen finished working on a bag for me that she started on Sunday. It's a very cool bag!


Then, we got ready and drove out to Frank's Sewing Center to meet Sherry for lunch. We walked to a small deli/coffee house and the headed back to Frank's to drop Sherry back off and to look at the thread. I couldn't resist and picked up some thread!


Then, it was back to Jen's for more sewing. I worked on, well, I'm not really sure. I know that I made a bag for Cindy before and after dinner. I think that she really liked it because she grabbed it filled it up right away!


And I watched Jen work on her quilting for her Courier bag. We had to get a little creative with feeding the ninjas because Holly really liked their food. Monday night, we put them on the landing for the flight of stairs where they could watch the family room and the dining room and eat.


Holly was not happy.


For the rest of the night, I worked on a kit that I had cut for the Chicken in Every Pot stash pot pie quilt. I was using a brand new cone of Masterpiece thread that I decided to try out. It is lover-ly!!


Mike made us a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed it while the dogs watched us. It was great!

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