Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, I guess that making my list kept me on task and I was fairly productive. I didn’t get everything finished, but I got enough done to make me happy.

I already showed the cutting that I finished. Here are the placemats for my aunt who hosted Christmas.


And my Thimbleberries blocks for the BOM. I made one 12.5” and three 6.5”. Check out those points! It certainly pays to take my time.



And presenting a labeled and freshly washed Café au Lait in Every Pot. Ninja approved!


And I loaded Lover’s Lane on the frame and made a couple of passes so far. I decided against doing hearts because I was still not comfortable doing them on a real quilt. And I think that the close loops looks great so far!


I’m using a pink and brown variegated Lava thread by Superior. It is just lovely! And it really pops on the dark brown inner border!

For a final recap, my goals were:

  1. 4 Thimbleberries blocks - DONE
  2. 4 blocks for Teal BOM - not done
  3. Quilt Lover's Lane including label - Well, the label has been made, but it is going to be hand stitched to the quilt. The quilt has been loaded and a couple of passes have been made. I should finish it tonight.
  4. Cut pieces for Thangles Milky Way's last border - DONE
  5. 4 placemats - DONE
  6. Attach binding to umbrella quilt - not done, but the binding is ready
  7. Cut pieces and begin assembly on a sample for the shop - Well, the pieces have been cut. And I will start drawing my lines at lunch today for the HST blocks.

I am calling this a successful weekend even though 1 item was not started and 3 items are not completed. I still got a lot done and some things finished that weren't even on the list. And I feel relaxed and refreshed today. Now, let's see if that holds up once I get to work.


Moneik said...

This is too funny, I'm working on my pink/brown quilt too and only got about a 1/3 done and hope to finish tonight. I'm using the pink/brown verigated King tut, since I can't find Lava here. Your Lovers Lane looks great, LOVE the fabric line and great job on the loops... yeah I'm doing them too. No hearts for me yet.

Jen said...

Mine isn't pink and brown, but pink and black and its going on the frame tonight!

I may have to steal your placemat idea for my kitchen!!

Your loop de loops are looking great!!

Maureen said...

Wow I love the placemats...are they easy to make...what pattern did you use.

I love the Cafe Au Lait quilt and the pink and brown one with the quilted hearts!grashonn

Unknown said...

I Love the Cafe Au Lait quilt, and the Lovers Lane quilt looks gorgeous!

Myra said...

Awesome place-mats! Love the fabrics!
What a great 12.5" block! Love that one, and the fabrics there too!
Great that you got your Café au Lait in Every Pot quilt done! Good for you! 8-)
The Lover's Lane, loops and all looks great too! Nice quilting job! I so wish I had a frame... I think it would speed up some of my projects!
Happy stitchings!