Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Retreat Post - Friday #3 - Comfort Quilt #1

A couple of months ago, some trying things started happening in Linda's life and Jen and I discussed the option of making her a comfort quilt. I contacted a couple of people here in town to see if they wanted to help and Jen got to work on her blocks. I got some blocks from Jen and Cathy and made 5 blocks of my own so that we could end up with a decent size quilt to give to Linda.

I realized about a week prior to retreat that I better get moving on the quilt so that we could give it to her while we were all going to be around. I made my blocks and got the center of the top finished before I went to the airport to get Moneik. Once we got back and were waiting for Jen, Cindy and Sherry to get here, I worked on the border. Once they got here and we all calmed down, Jen sat down and attached the border while I worked on prepping the binding. Turns out that Jen and I work really well together! We got the top assembled and I picked up the backing on Thursday while we were shop hopping. While the pizza was cooking, I prepped the backing and after Regina's display of her quilts, I loaded it onto the frame and got the quilting started. Jen finished the quilting and Moneik attached the binding on Friday while I was trying to pack everything to leave.

We got to retreat and laid it on her table with all of her other goodies for her to see when she arrived.

Here, you can see how excited she is about the goodies on the table. She still hadn't seen the quilt.

moneik 102

I think that you can see here that she is shocked!





Since no one really got a good picture of the finished quilt, I asked Linda to bring it to work on Saturday so that we could get a good picture. She obliged and then showed it off to everyone in the shop!


I think she likes it!


Rhonda said...

What a wonderful surprise and it looks like she was well and truly happy! You're a great friend!!!

Jen said...

What, you thought we wouldn't work well together?? Sniff Sniff. I'm so glad Linda liked her quilt, I know I was blown away by mine!

Linda and Piwacket said...

I can't even begin to explain what all of this means to me. My cup runneth over.

Moneik said...

Linda's quilt looks awesome. You did a great job on it.