Thursday, May 7, 2009

Retreat Post - Friday #4

After the excitement of giving Linda her quilt, we all settled in and got busy sewing. Jennifer kept saying that she wanted to get her top done because she wanted to go home and be able to tell her husband that she can be productive and should go on more retreats. Sounded like a plan to me! She got this top done.


Jen got 2 pillowcases done - Linda's to match her quilt and Sherry's to match her Democratic tendencies!


Cindy finished up her wall hanging. She was very proud!


Cindy also had other news on Friday. One of the ladies who wasn't with our group brought a Singer Featherweight to sell. Hallie had told me when she got there and after dinner, it was on display at her table. Cindy had developed Featherweight envy after Sherry got hers and when we walked past Hallie's, I told Cindy that she was selling it. That was all it took! Ten minutes later, the machine was at Cindy's table and she was trying out names for it.


There was also a cheese curd tasting 'contest.' Jen brought Wisconsin cheese curds for me to try since I didn't taste them when I was up in October and Regina the I brought New York curds so that we could pick the best.


They both could tell the difference between the curds from the 2 states. And I still have not tasted a curd.

Regina worked on this beauty.


I'm not sure what others worked on, but I worked on my 4 pairs of pants that I had started sewing before retreat. I worked until my back was about to give out and sleep was a necessity.


Jamie said...

Okay, I have read about them on a few blog's, but what on God's green earth is cheese curds? lol

Jen said...

Man, Jamie doesn't know about them either. I'm sad that you guys don't just "have" these in your stores. Curds have got to be my favorite method of cheese!!

I think it's awwesome that you got all 4 pairs of pants done. I sure didn't get much done but I had a heck of a lot of fun!!

Linda and Piwacket said...

My pillowcase immediately made its way onto my bed, even though the quilt is in the family room. I think there's power in love. The quilt and pillowcase mean so much to me. Sleeping on the pillowcase every night is helping in a holistic way.

I was SO excited for Cindy to get her sewing machine. What a beauty! The machine is, too.

Moneik said...

So many projects make for lots of fun looking. I loved your pants. They are super cute. I have to get back in the swing and make some pants and pillowcases, but they require getting out the serger and I just haven't done that.