Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Retreat Post – Saturday #1

Saturday, I think I woke up around 6:30. Way too early for me since I went to bed late and was woken up around 3, but once I was awake at 6:30 and people were moving around outside of our door, there was no getting back to sleep. I went to the gym and found that I had no drive to sew anything so I just chilled in my chair until breakfast. After breakfast, I continued working on the 4 pairs of pants. Many thanks to Jen for letting me use some of her thread. Thread was something that was overlooked in my rush to pack on Friday.


(I must say that since retreat I have learned that Masterpiece is not the thread to use while assembling pants because it does not create a strong enough seam to hold up to repeated wearing of pants. I have since had to reinforce a few seams in all of the pants made that weekend. Oh well, lessons learned.)

After I was done with the pants, I was sort of lost again and tried to re-organize my area so that I could work on something else. I ended up with my teal and white blocks for the BOM that I am doing through the shop. I like this quilt so much that I am making two – 1 for me to keep and 1 for me to gift – and I am a couple of months behind so I was working on 2 each of 4 different blocks. I got my pieces cut and ready to sew on the lines, but there was so much going on that I kept getting sidetracked and listening to side conversations or watching what others were doing. Eventually, we heard the lunch bell and went to eat. I think that sometime in the afternoon, I was able to finish the stitching on my Thangles pieces for the BOM and I started cutting the HSTs apart, but I didn’t get much farther than that.

Everyone kept pretty busy for the rest of the day. Moneik showed Jennifer how to make a Lazy Girl Runaround bag and ended up making a bag for me for her Pay It Forward gift from last year.


And here is what some others worked on and made.

Jennifer N made some log cabin blocks.


Becca finished a quilt top. Very cute!


Quite a few people finished their pie pin cushions from the kits that Jen supplied everyone with.

ci39b1~1 retrea~2

Jen made a top from some signature blocks that she put together.


Trish worked on her baskets Friday and most of Saturday. She really wanted to get her top together!



zarina said...

Jill - I'm planning to make plenty of pants for myself and my nieces/nephew. May I know if Superior's So Fine thread is a better choice for me?

Linda and Piwacket said...

You make the cutest pajama pants. Sorry you had to reinforce seams. You're right about the teal BOM. I always admire it when I come into the shop. The bags are really cute.

Michele said...

Ditto on Aurifil for the pajama pants - just ask my daughter ;^)