Monday, November 23, 2009

Shopping on Saturday

Barb and I had plans to go shopping on Saturday for about a week. We spent all week texting about the shops and what we would buy! She showed up at my house around 10:30 and we were off!

She snapped a shot of me getting my books out of the car when we got to Valley Quilts.


They had their monthly Fat Quarter Frenzy over the weekend and all of the fat quarters were $1.75. This was great for me because I was looking for FQs for 2 different quilts. We spent about 2 hours in the shop and, for the most part, we were the only ones in there. I think that we were amusing the staff with our running to and fro to look at the patterns and the bags and the fabric!

Here is fabric for the first quilt I picked for. The pink and cream will be accents and I will cut the greens to follow the pattern and help enhance the design. I think this is 25 FQs with another half yard.


I also picked some FQs for a new challenge that the Tran-Quilt-ity group is starting. I'm working on the group blog for our challenge and when that is all set up, I will have a post about it with information. I'm really digging these colors and fabrics though! I think that they will work with the color scheme I have in mind.


The last little bit at Valley Quilts was the patterns and miscellaneous fabric and a spool of red, white and blue thread to quilt the comfort quilt that I am working on. I think that I know what I will do with this fabric. It's spools of thread on one set and sewing notions on the other. Very neat!


Towards the end of our visit at Valley Quilts, I was pushing Barb a little because I was hungry! We headed to the Village Family restaurant in Waynesville for lunch and pie and energy for shopping at the Fabric Shack! Barb had the apple dumpling and I had the peanut butter pie. Yum!!


Around this point, I think that Barb was muttering something about eating quietly, but I couldn't hear her over my mmmm's for the PB pie!! lol And I forgot to take a picture of my empty plate! :)


After lunch, we drove up the street to the Shack and I showed Barb all around it. Then, I got carried away with all the fabric and forgot what I was looking for and I wandered around aimlessly looking at all of the lines and imagining taking it all home with me! lol

Eventually, Barb found the Alexander Henry lines. Barb has a slight obsession with the pin up girl fabrics and she bought some island girls fabric and used it to make a One Block Wonder and it is very cute! She has also been sending me links to eBay auctions she finds and there was one fabric that I thought was awesome. I loved the colors and thought it, too, would make a great One Block Wonder. Fabric Shack had it. Now, I have it! It's called Future Ella in pink and is very retro to boot!


And while I was wandering around, I saw a cart with a sign that said 50% off! See that big roll? That is 40 5" strips of the Valley Forge line! The fabric is gorgeous! And I think it will be great for a Nickel quilt. I had also ordered some half yard cuts of clearance fabrics from the site and I was able to pick those up while we were there. Can't pass up 99 cents for a half yard! And I found a spool of King Tut red, white and blue thread so I got that for the comfort quilt because I prefer this brand over the other that I got at Valley Quilts.


After Fabric Shack, we headed to the Super Joann's. Barb was enthralled by the tins. She got all excited and took a long time to pick just one. :)


After running around the store, hearing a lady yell at her kid in a foreign language and finding some great stuff, we headed for the check out. While I was pulling my things out of the cart and putting them on the counter, a very rude lady walked right past Barb and came up to the counter I was at and handed her bias tape to the cashier. When I looked at her with my mouth hanging open in shock, she said, "Well, do you MIND?" Hmmm, what am I supposed to say at this time? Sure, it was one little package of bias tape. Then, SHE PULLED OUT A CREDIT CARD for a transaction that was $1.23!!! She didn't know how to work the machine and the 'quick little order' that she had ended up taking longer than my entire order! She didn't even say thank you. We had a good laugh with the cashier about it and then Barb and I chuckled about it a little more with thoughts of the "anonymous" comments that were left on my blog that morning.

So here is what I bought... 2 unidentified ornaments which will be presents for someone, but I've already changed my mind about who so it may be changed again soon. A pair of fuzzy socks and a magazine with part 3 of a mystery in it. And fabric for a Christmas pillowcase! And yes, we did actually find this fabric at Joann's!


So that was our day. We had a ton of fun and laughed a whole lot! And we have plans to do it again soon!


InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Love the fabrics you found. I can't wait for January!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOO, AHHH! What beautiful fabrics and yummy pie!!! Sounds you had loads of fun and found some great deals too. Looking forward to seeing what you make out of all those great fabrics.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the rest of your week off.

Kristie said...

Love all of your new fabrics! Can't wait to see what you make with them. Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time!

Brenda said...

That did sound like a great way to spend the day!! I hope you do do it again, and sooner, rather than later!! Those where some great deals on fabric you got!!! Excellant way to spend some time with a great friend!!! (and yes, that lady that butted in, was rude, no question on that one. If she would have asked, it would have been a totally different story. Funny how a little politness can make a whole lot of difference isn't it......)

Gina said...

Love all the fabrics you bought. Now I'm definitely jealous. LOL.
You never told me you bought half naked man fabric, that's not fair

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Regina said...

Awesome... just awesome!!!

Michelle said...

I love the photo of you, and it looks like you had the most wonderful fun-filled day.

Have a wonderful week off...

zarina said...

Wish I could be there with you gals. What fun! And those FQs are just great together.

Ted and Donna said...

Sweetie, you wear me out!! Sounds like a great and productive day with a good friend. Makes me smile.

Ted and Donna said...

Also wanted to tell you that you can set your blog that you have to approve comments before they are published. That's how I have mine set up.

Ruthie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day and It makes me want to go on a road trip soon, but I know that I don't NEED ANYTHING!

Linda and Piwacket said...

Yay for a fun, productive day! I'm ogling that Valley Forge roll with envy.