Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The last of Christmas....

The last of the Christmas swap got here yesterday from Heather! It was HEAVY!!! I got the first box last Wednesday, but Heather said I had to wait until I got the big box to open either one of them. Here are the 2 boxes together.


I got the tops open while I waited for Heather to be available for us to chat while I pulled everything out and opened the presents.


And here are all the presents laid out that represent the letters in 'Merry Christmas' and, man, there are some big presents!


And here are the extras that she used to stuff the boxes. I had trouble putting the letter items in line because I was looking at everything else that was sent!


I started opening the letters and was so excited that I didn't take pictures of every individual thing. I also thought that it would make this post too picture heavy.

Here is the list of what Heather sent -

M - a 'man' - a Gingerbread man!

Isn't he just adorable! I'm thinking that he could just be stuck on the kitchen counter and I could change out his vest with the seasons!


E - Elfin slippers

These are too cute!! The dogs loved the pom poms on the front and they are so warm!!! Love them!!


R - R you cold? You won't be after some cocoa. even your mug has a cute sweater
R - Rudolf knee highs aren't they cute?
Y - yarn to make some dish clothes

C - Crochet Hooks
H - Hook Organizer (a Heather original)
R - 'R"elax drinks to relax with (martini's for one)
I - ice cream candy (and cookie dough lip gloss)
S - stretch socks yarn
T - Tool Case To keep everything together
M - Moda Charms and a pattern to go with
A - All Year Long.. a calendar to keep track of your quilt dates
S - Stocking full of all sorts of goodies to help you relax after a long week.

Oh my gosh!!! The box was fantastic!! I was too excited about one thing to move on and open the next one! And the dogs were very excited and walking all over everything trying to smell the chocolate and the scented things. They were going crazy!!

I sorted the goodies to take pictures to show them all off! Here are the food and drink type goodies. And mittens. :)


Here are the holiday type things. The blue socks will work for Valentine's Day, too! They have a coffee mug on them. And Rudolph knee highs!! lol


These are the crafty type items - yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, a tool caddy and hook and needle holder! I was looking at making myself one of the needle holders so this is very timely!! And I can't wait to use the sock yarn! It looks yummy! And a very cool charm party with charm packs to use with it!


And some bath and miscellaneous items. Facials, pedicure kit, hair wrap and hair band, a pillowcase and lots of chocolate!


Thank you, Heather!!! I love it all!!! I'm so excited to use the things and to just enjoy the goodies. You are the best!!!


Regina said...

Heather - you rock! What a great selection of goodies - and the fabrics/yarns/patterns you picked are just so fun!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those elf slippers (and how they pop up in a few of the photos)

Merry Christmas, Jill!

Michelle said...

OMG! What a sweet bundle!!!!
love ya,

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Glad you liked everything. Sorry it was so late. You know how the sewing has been with the nerve thing. Smiles

Mrs Quilty said...

Wow, you hit gold!! What a fabulous collection of fun stuff!! For the creative girl, for sure!! Enjoy!

Mrs Quilty said...

Wow, you hit gold!! What a fabulous collection of fun stuff!! For the creative girl, for sure!! Enjoy!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Wow, look at all that loot!!! Lots of fabric and yarn to play with, plus goodies to give you energy and look good while you're playing. Who could ask for more?!?!

Libby said...

WOW!! Have fun! You got some sweet gifts there!

Shellie said...

It was well worth the wait!!! You will enjoy each and every thing in there.

Laura said...

What a haul! Looks like you got a lot of great stuff.

Gina said...

What fabulous goodies. Well worth waiting for.

Love and hugs Gina xxx