Monday, January 18, 2010

Sock update

Tonight was the second sock class. I was a little nervous about turning the heel, but Christina took the time with each student and walked us each through the steps. It was so easy!! I took some notes and I should be able to make it through the second sock to this pair once this one is finished. I'm very relieved that this was so easy to do!

Here is what I have so far. This is the back view of the sock with the heel at the right in the picture.


And here is a better picture of the heel.


Now, I can work on the gusset through the foot during lunches this week. And we will do the toe and finish the sock next week. I'm so stoked!! I think it looks fantastic! I hope that I can have the pair done quickly so that I can have them to wear on Valentine's Day!


Beth said...

Great job Jill! I really need to make myself some cute socks to wear with my new can see my socks when I wear them hehehe

Kristie said...

Looks wonderful! You will have them finished in no time!!!

Michelle said...

It looks awesome Jill!

Libby said...

Those will be so sweet for Valentines day!

Laura said...

Looking really cute! Glad you are enjoying the class so much.

CatQuilter said...

Once you have mastered knitting socks, you can make Max and Maisy matching sockies!

Great job!

Sorry you couldn't join us yesterday!


quiltin cntrygrl said...

It looks great!! Such progress! I wish today had been more fun but I didn't sleep last night and woke up this Morning at 11 ugh.. I guess that is what this kind of leave is for

Jennifer said...

Way to go on turning the heel. I love that yarn!

Gina said...

Well done. There should be no stopping you now

Love and hugs Gina xxx