Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday goodies from NY

Last Saturday, I had a delivery from New York! Regina sent me a package of birthday goodies! Her husband is the cake maker in their house and she posted some pictures of the birthday cakes he made for their son. I asked if he would make a princess cake when I came up for a visit and she said, "Of course! But you need to bring the Barbie body!" So she sent me a lemon cake mix and icing for my birthday cake! Yum!! Lemon is my favorite!!


She also sent me a stretchy stress ball (the pink blob in the middle) that I took to work and it has come in very handy this week! And a couple of friendship charms - too cute! And of course dog toys!

I had to let the dogs speak for themselves!

They are a hit! Can you see their tails going non-stop?

Thanks, Regina!! I love it all!! Unfortunately, your cute notes didn't survive the burner incident from earlier this week. :( lol


InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

The dogs are so adorable! More cake?!?! Yummy.

Regina said...

Mmmm... cake!!!
Loved those toys! I wanted to keep the chicken!

Jennifer said...

Great gifts - and I love the Maggie bag she made you too! Jenna loves the video (Jack's already in bed) -- she started squealing "chicken, chicken!"