Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girls' Night revisited

Before Barb, Katy and I got down to sewing last week, we exchanged our birthday presents. You can see what I gave the girls here.

Katy gave Barb and I copies of the All About Me book and we spent about 10 minutes scanning through it and joking about things that it asked and what we would put. Once that giggle fest ended, Barb gave out her bags. She got Katy a quilting book on Cathedral Window blocks and Katy loved it! She really wants to make one of those.

And I got all of this - a Weiner Xing sign that I need to take to work and hang up in my office, yarn, a book for a sampler quilt and an Easy McCall's pattern.


Now, you may not be able to tell, but this pattern is for a Snuggie!! Barb gave one to me and one to Katy. At the shop's Christmas party, Barb made one out of fleece from Joann's and the added quilt blocks to the bottom and it was the most fought over present of the night! I was joking and told her that it was a goofy gift, but man, was I shocked over the excitement of it! The best thing about using the pattern is that you can use a better quality fleece to make one than the ones in the store are made with!

Very cool!!! Thanks, Barb!!! I will have to get some fleece when it's on sale very soon!!

Maisy says...

100_2462 "I could use one of those Snuggies NOW!"


Brenda said...

I love the weiner dog crossing sign!! And those snuggies, would be nice for those cool spring days/nights when you just do not want to be inside!!!
I am so glad you had such a great night with your friends!! Great memories!!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Cool yarn to add to your stash! Cut sign. Do they make snuggies small enough for the dogs?!?!

Regina said...

Oh I need a Snuggie, too!!! Awesome!!!

Mrs Quilty said...

I need a dachshund crossing sign too! Such nice gifts for everybody!

Michelle said...

What a great time you had. I wish I could have heard the laughter. Did your neighbors? love ya! Michelle