Saturday, March 6, 2010

Speaking of knitting....

The last few weeks have been really trying for me with the laptop and work issues and Regina and Amy agreed on Wednesday that I earned a chance to splurge a little! And after seeing Beth's socks, I just HAD to order from KnitPicks! (I love how the Stroll Tea Party knitted up!!)

Much to Regina and Amy's dismay, my order arrived on Friday! Just 2 days later! (Amy's order from KP took a while and Regina is still waiting on a package from Great Britain that was mailed in January...)


And the box was stuffed!


I got a ball winder after the issues that I had from the skein of the pink for the socks that I am working on. It's fun to work! :)


I'm going to have to practice with it a little more! lol But I didn't want to lose the yarn info so I stuffed the resulting mess back into it.


And here is the yarn that I got. Enough for another 6 pairs. And it is soooo soft!!


Now, I just have to hurry and finish the pink pair to move on to another color! :)


Reenie said...

I see many content hours filled with lovely, soft yarn in your future! I love those colors. But you're not addicted....right?? lol

Jennifer said...

My mom just ordered a box of lovely yarns from knitpicks a few weeks ago! The ones you got look fantastic for socks..I will add them to the count ;P
And the baby blanket your mom made is really pretty! She does look like a natural.

Mrs Quilty said...

That is a yummy box of yarns. Do you think you could send me an easy pattern to make sox? I am dying to try it! I am a knitter from way back but have never made sox.....

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Wow, you did a box packed full of stuff. Yummy! Yes, you DO need to finish the pink sock so you can start on another pair!

I just noticed that you updated your header to say fabric AND YARN obsessor!! LOL