Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

For the past 3 years, a quilt retreat was held that I attended and helped coordinate to benefit St Jude Children's Research Hospital. Last year at the retreat, I let the other coordinators know that it would be my last year helping with the retreat for various reasons. When the time rolled around this year, I knew that I wasn't going to attend the retreat, but I didn't want to break the tradition of taking the Friday off of work and I decided that I would have my own retreat for the weekend!

Yesterday, I spent the morning and afternoon adding borders to the second secret quilt, prepping the backings for both quilts and then quilting Regina's quilt. I think it looks great! I am going to get the binding on today and then mail it off so I will be able to show the pics on here very soon!!

Jennifer and her mom, Carol, had signed up for the Quilt retreat that was originally scheduled for this weekend, but due to scheduling issues, was moved to last week and they couldn't attend. So they came to Cincinnati for their own retreat! We decided to bring dinner to their hotel room and then we chatted and crafted!

This is what I worked on. On the left is a baby cap that I put another inch on and on the right is the sock that I started last week. We were chatting so much and I was looking at the books that they brought that I didn't get too much done.


On our Yahoo group, Carol hosted a UFO challenge that ended March 31 and she pulled my name as the winner. Woo hoo!! She brought me this book. And Jennifer made me a scrap bag that I can fill up and let the dogs use as a pillow. Very cool!!


Lastly, Max went to the vet yesterday to have his teeth cleaned and they pulled out 4 teeth. I knew about 2 because I could see that they were loose and getting infected which is why I scheduled the appointment. I think that he feels better, but is still sore. And he is making all kinds of new sounds today.


Could be he is still a little upset with me... Looks like I will have to schedule some cuddle time tonight!


Mrs Quilty said...

Poor Max! His "bed-mate" looks like he's/she's trying to comfort him! Poor baby! I also enjoy seeing your knitting projects....the sox one made me laugh cuz I am also starting a sock and it's my first attempt; I love using No. 3 needles and tiny yarn. You can really see what you're making! Good for you making up your own retreat!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, what fun at the hotel! Visiting friends is just the BEST. So what if you didn't get that much done?

Poor Max. I know he will feel better in the end....and he will forgive you.

Libby said...

Look at your Holly Hobby quilt!! I sure hope Max is feeling better! It sounds like you always have so much fun getting together with friends and sewing!! I am jealous!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Sounds like you've had a productive weekend. Poor Max...getting old sucks!