Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping with the Girls - Part 2

After we left Joann's, we HAD to get a late lunch! And Lucy deserved some ice cream for being so good at the store! I think that next time, I am going to have to try the apple turnover thing that Barb got!


Fabric Shack has clearance carts where every bit of fabric on the cart is $2.98 a yard and they are very generous with how they figure that yardage. Since I have used up a lot of my neutrals, I looked through the cart and picked some good neutrals - all on the left side of this picture was from the clearance carts. I picked up a few FQs for the Judy Martin Quilt and then some Sock Monkey fabric to use for some home made items for the 1,000th post giveaway. I also got sale fabric for the backing for the smaller secret quilt, but I can't show it until I can show both of the secret quilts.


Barb was able to pick up the fabric for the Super Secret Quilt that she is making for me and she is very happy that she was able to get it cut before we got there and that she was carrying it around the store while I was right there. She thinks she is sneaky, but I could've seen it if I really wanted to! :)

After we paid and we walked out of the store, I noticed that they had just added new fabrics to the clearance cart that was outside. I just couldn't walk away from these fabrics! I got another 7 yards of fabric! For just over $20!! I love the brights and I think that my favorite purchase of the day is the bottom right one that reminds me of the spirographs that I made as a kid. I loved drawing those with the toy and seeing the designs take shape on the paper! I'm not sure what I am going to do with this one...


Lucy's favorite part of the day was when they dropped me off and came in to see the pups...


In this one, Max showed Lucy his purple cow toy and I showed her how to hide it from him by tucking it under her tummy and hiding it with her arms. He started barking and begging for it before sticking his nose in her neck making her squeal with delight!



Maxie says...

100_2523 "Can Lucy come back to play again?"


Regina said...

I like that spirograph one, too. I have a rust orange with beige spiro's on it that I bought for that same reason - but I like your bright one better.

Michelle said...

I love the spirograph fabric too. I think I wore out two spirographs, then a couple years ago, I bought one off ebay! Woo hoo!

Laura said...

Love all those yummy fabrics you got. And such great deals too! I LOVE Fabric Shack. I've only dealt with them on a mail order basis, but they are one of my favorite on-line shops.

Libby said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day! Pretty fabric, friends and yummy food! Those pics of Lucy and the pups are so so cute!!