Saturday, June 19, 2010

EQ7 and Teeth

This is the last of the catch up emails from the week sans laptop. :)

Last year, when I worked for the quilt shop, I got EQ6 as a bonus so that I could be familiar with it when customers had questions. I used it to draw up blocks for comfort quilts and to come up with layouts and yardage for quilts that I put together without patterns. It was a great tool to have! Most recently, I used it to design the Super Secret Quilt and an I Spy. And of course, I didn't print the quilts out so that I could, you know, actually MAKE them.

When the hard drive crashed, I had almost no choice but to get EQ7. I'm kicking myself for not getting it when it was discounted right before the release, but not much I can do about that now.


The great news is that the files for the quilts and the blocks and everything were saved from the crash and I have now opened them in EQ7 and redrawn a couple of blocks that were a little funky in EQ6. Woo hoo!!!

Last week, Maisy had an appointment for a teeth cleaning. She had 5 teeth extracted and got shots and a physical... The whole 9 yards! I don't think that she was very happy with me about going, but she was happy to see me when I picked her up. I asked if they had given her any food after the cleaning and the assistant said that she had shredded the bowl that the food was in! My poor girl was hungry!!

100_2724 Taken a few hours after being picked up at the vet.

She was pretty groggy and her eyes showed it most of the night - half lidded and bloodshot - but once the pain went away, she is like a new puppy! She is running around and playing with toys more and coming to me for lovin'! My neighbor even said that it looks like she has lost a couple of pounds. AND the reverse sneezing business has dropped off dramatically! Woo hoo!!!


This shot was taken last night and I had to set the camera to an action shot because she just couldn't sit still! What a happy little dog she is again!!


Jamie W said...

My beagle does allot of the reverse sneezing...... was Maisy's sneezing due to something being wrong with her teeth? My vet never seemed concerned with the sneezing but he does it way more often than my other dogs. Oh and which vet do you go to?

Regina said...

OOH - EQ7!!! I have some sketches I should send to you and see what you can do with them!!! Although it is on my Christmas list!!!

Glad to see the happy pup!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Maisy looks great now - glad to hear the vet visit was worth it and she is more energetic now!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

So glad that Maisey is Happy.. I haven't read about EQ7 keep seeing it in my emails but have yet to look and see how its different