Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm ready!

I have worked enough on my gauge for Judy's Sock Knit Along and I am happy with the results! I have decided to knit my 2 at a time socks on US size 1 (2.5mm) Addi Turbo circular needles in 16" and 24" lengths. I am using Risata yarn from Knit Picks in Cocoa. This yarn is 42% cotton, 39% superwash Merino wool, 13% polyamide and 6% elite elastic. I really like the way it was knitting up in the swatch and I can't wait to get the socks done and see how they feel on my feet!

I'm so ready that I have already pulled the second ball and rewound it!


I am going to use the concept of the knitting 2 at a time from the book by Antje Gillingham, but I am going to use the pattern that I am used to from the Simply S.W.A.K. book that I have used to make all of my socks so far. I plan on switching the pattern up on my next sock though. Watch out!!

Max says, "You're pulling my leg! Cuddle time is imminent?"



Libby said...

Look at him!!! I would love to sit and hold him!!!

Michelle said...

Somehow I doubt your puppies will be neglected...have fun knitting your socks!

Kristie said...

Oh I do wish I could knit! I have a friend that only lives about 3 miles away and she keeps telling me that she will teach me to knit whenever I get ready but right now I don't think I have the patience for it. Maybe soon...

Can't wait to see how yours turn out!

Zany Quilter said...

You know, I've thought of taking up crochet again so I could spend more couch time with my dog...Max is super lucky!!! Good luck with your socks!

Jamie said...

Okay, I need to come over so you can teach me how to do this!!

I was in hobby lobby the other day and was going to buy the needles and yarn but then I was looking through one of the sock books and got so confused that I said the heck with it!. I would love to learn how to knit but never could get my head around it for some reason.

I always have something on my feet, rather it be socks (in the winter) or flip flops (in the summer)... I can't stand for anything to stick to the bottom of my feet, a pet pev of mine, so being able to knit up some warm, soft socks to wear would be awesome! And being a visual learner, sometimes following patterns from a book can confuse the heck out me lol. I can crochet, but knitting is a whole other story for me lol.

SubeeSews said...

ME NEXT for teaching please. I hope we can meet again!