Tuesday, April 26, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - April 26

Kate is hosting a 15 Minute a Day Challenge which encourages everyone to be creative for 15 minutes a day and then report on Tuesdays how you did in the previous week.

Last week, I said that I was hoping to get in 30 minutes a day. I fell short by one day!

Tuesday, April 19
Sewed half blocks up of Star Struck, pressed ½ blocks and put inner border on Maxine quilt
Wednesday, April 20
Paired ½ blocks of Star Struck, worked on nickel border on Maxine quilt
Thursday, April 21
Finished borders on Maxine quilt, worked a lot on the Star Struck blocks
Friday, April 22
Finished the Star Struck blocks – sewing and pressing and shopped at JoAnn’s
Saturday, April 23
Cleaned up rails from quilt frame and paired up some fabric for pillowcases. Also laid out Star Struck blocks.
Sunday, April 24
Cut out 6 pillowcases and got 3 prepped for sewing, cut out leaders for quilt rails and straightened up sewing area.
Monday, April 25
The day I fell short. :( But I got a lot of cleaning done in the house to prep for this week! And I figured out the fabric and amounts to order for the Organic Challenge.

Last night, I totally forgot about the Challenge or I would've finished prepping the last 3 pillowcases. I probably did spend 15 minutes on figuring out my fabric and quantity for the Organic quilt though.
Go to Kate's post to see how everyone else did.


Kate said...

If you made at least 30 minutes for 6 days, that's a great accomplishment. Some times life gets in the way (house cleaning is a necessary evil).

Anonymous said...

yay for joining the challenge!!!!! I think you did well... your time adds up to more than 25 minutes each day. So with that being said, you did good!

thea said...

great week! I love Star Struck!

Marti said...

I think figuring out fabric and amounts counts too. You got a lot done this week. Way to go!

Melinda said...

Have you found that once you get started you usually sew way longer than you had planned? Good for you. I think I am going to try making a daily to do list and include sewing on the list every day.

Regina said...

yay!!! I did mine in increments of sorting/throwing/cleaning - although tonight I kicked up so much dust I am sneezing (or maybe I am allergic to all the hairspray I saw in my prom picture I found!)

Can't wait to get back to the 15 min of CRAFTING!!!

Shay said...

I think you did a wonderful job Jill! Sounds like a very successful week ...