Tuesday, June 14, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - June 14

Well, since I finally got back to sewing, I can participate in the 15 Minute a Day Challenge again! Since I started sewing on Saturday, I have definitely been doing 15 minutes a day. It's only been 3 days, but it's still something! lol

Tuesday, June 7
Wednesday, June 8
Thursday, June 9
Friday, June 10
Saturday, June 11
Sewed Midget block #15
Sunday, June 12
Borders on Star Struck, binding made
Monday, June 13
Laid out rest of blocks for purple log cabin

Check Kate's blog to see how everyone else did!


Melinda said...

Oh how cute. A teeny tiny string quilt. Great job on those points. I never would have thought to reverse the assembly.

Marti said...

I had to go look at your little block. It turned out really well. Looks like when you started sewing again, you went all out.

Kate said...

With all the remodel done for the moment seems like you've hit your stride.

elizabeth said...

WOW, that is such a cute little block. I also loved the star struck quilt. Great job on sewing again after all that painting. Still scrapbooking here maybe someday I will get back to quilting

Shay said...

Fabulous effort ! You havent been renovating have you? We did that last year and Im still in therapy.