Friday, February 3, 2012

Busy weekend

I have so much to do! I have been keeping a list and trying to keep up with it, but work has been down right awful the last couple of weeks and I have had issues concentrating on anything by the time I get home.

But my list keeps growing with things to do! I have the 2 bow tie quilts that I showed on Sunday and I got another quilt in the mail today that I want to get quilted and sent back.

I'm very excited to have the quilting to do for others! I had weeks where I wondered if I was going to get any quilts, so I am so happy to have the items to work on that I do!

But I also have the Scrap Squad quilt and we already have the pattern for the second quilt. The first ones should be showing on the Quiltmaker's blog next week so I will be able to show off my quilt soon. I can't keep a secret so I am excited to show it off!

So I am making and updating my To Do list for the weekend. Want to see it? Well, since it is MY blog, I am going to show it off. :)
  1. SS quilt #1 - finish assembling top, making binding, make backing, quilt
  2. Stitch down binding on cow quilt
  3. Prepare envelopes of tickets for the Guild Raffle quilt so that we can pass them out to members on Monday
  4. Quilt the quilt received today - or at least get it loaded and started
  5. Add the borders to at least one of the bow tie quilts
  6. make backing for Argyle Holiday - might as well make more if I am going to make one
  7. Make backing for Doodlebugs quilt
  8. Errands to bank, library and post office
I already ran errands after work today and then walked the dogs when I got home. Hopefully, I can keep up that momentum for the rest of the week!

Hopefully, I will have lots of updates throughout the weekend! Check back!


Coloradolady said...

Oh Jill...I am tired just reading this...take a moment and just relax for yourself...hug those sweet pups and breath.....LOL

Jennifer said...

Hopefully you will have lots of energy through the weekend! Good luck with your list!

vtquilter said...

Good luck with all your projects this weekend.

Kristie said...

So much to do! Don't stress.