Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI Results - 3/16

Last night was not a very exciting FNSI for me. I got a bit accomplished, but no sewing. Just a lot of organizing and prep work.

I pulled fabric for the next 10 Midget blocks for my Tiny Tuesday posts. Well, I pulled for 9 blocks because there is one that I am sort of refusing to do at this point. I am contemplating just supplementing that block with something else. It's the one that is sticking out to the right without any fabric on the paper.


I also pulled fabric for a quilt that I am making for a co-worker. He is working with the SPCA on their yearly fund raiser, the Fur Ball, and he asked me to make a quilt. I have been saving these fabrics for something and I think that they will be perfect for this quilt. And I will use the Between Friends pattern from the Happy Hour book. I haven't decided whether to use the black with the white stripes or the red with the black dots for the contrasting stripe in the middle of the block.


I am leaning towards the red with the dot right now. Although, if I use that, can I still use the red with the dog bones in a block? Or should I find a tan or a brown to use as the contrast and the rest of these fabrics in the larger parts of the block? Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

And I will probably use the dog fabric across the bottom as the border fabric.

The last thing that I did was prep some fabric to mail out. Two packages to send to Sue and Regina for the 2012 SIS quilt. I got to pick the pattern and color scheme this year! :)


Not too bad for a FNSI! I also got some things cleaned up in the condo and got myself organized for running errands this morning. And now, I am off to sew!


Deanna said...

Prep work counts! It looks like you are ready for some productive sewing in the near future.

Jennifer said...

That is lots of prep work! For the doggie quilt, if you use the red for your middle strip, then I think you should change the other red or you will lose some of the contrast. Love the dog fabric!

Lori said...

prep work takes time. Love reading your monthly list---it feels good to read that---doesn't it??!!

Kathy said...

It's fun to spend time in the sewing room and plan for future projects. I like the dog bone fabric in red and white.