Friday, March 16, 2012

Monthly Accomplishments - February 2012

I am so late in reporting on February because of trying to get caught up at work and then having the cold last week after I got home. This week, I didn't want to post anything for a day or so after my Scrap Squad post went live, but I am now ready to jump back into the blog world!

  1. Finished assembly of first Scrap Squad, made backing, quilted, made bias binding and finished the quilt.
  2. Picked up and assembled envelopes of tickets for the OVQG Raffle quilt. Also revealed the quilt at the guild meeting. I'm planning on posting some time this weekend about buying tickets, so stay tuned in case you would like some.
  3. Made backings for Doodlebugs and Argyle Holiday
  4. Quilted a scrap quilt for Suzanne
  5. Put borders on the yellow bow tie, quilted it and attached the binding
  6. Put borders on the blue bow tie, quilted it and attached the binding
  7. Midget block #30 
  8. Finished the binding and the label on the Cow quilt
  9. Vacationed in Florida!
  10. Cut fabric for second Scrap Squad and started assembly
  11. Got replacement crocs in FL
There may have been other things, but if so, I didn't post about them and have now forgotten. 

And this list just proves that I haven't been reading that much lately.

  1. Tippy Toe Murder by Leslie Meier
  2.  A New Song by Jan Karon

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Jennifer said...

A good month!