Friday, March 9, 2012

Post Vacation Update

I am starting to feel normal again after my post vacation cold, thank
goodness! With all of the congestion that I was experiencing, the rice
bag (on the right in the picture) was very helpful. I heated it in the
microwave and held it to my ears to help alleviate the plugged
feeling. Having the pressure relieved if even for a few minutes at a
time was wonderful!

And once I was starting to feel normal, I was able to walk the dogs
one night when I got home from work which wore me out for the rest of
the night. We haven't gone for a walk since then, but I have been able
to get my kitchen cleaned up, garbage taken out and laundry started. I
figure that if I could get these things done during the week, I will
be free to sew all weekend!

So my weekend companion will be my pink notebook! I am working on a To
Do list and I hope that I can start crossing things off of it tonight.
I have to calculate how much fabric I need Regina to send me for my
second Scrap Squad quilt so that I can get it finished. I also need to
work on my youngest nephew's quilt, stitch the binding down on my Ohio
Star quilt, pick out a pattern for this year's SIS quilt, unpack my
sewing machine, clip the dogs' nails, make Midget blocks, review 3
books, long for a new camera....

The list just goes on and on and on! And I need to write it down so
that I don't forget anything. Besides, it is so nice to see a long To
Do list with lines through almost everything by the end of the


Ted and Donna said...

I loved Edna's X marks the spot quilt. You are unbelievably amazing! How you accomplish all you do will always overwhelm me. Keep on rockin'. We had a nice visit with G&G and your Mom.

vtquilter said...

I love to cross things off lists too! Glad you are feeling better... I'd better make my midget block this weekend... I think I am catching up to you!

Susan C said...

Glad that you are starting to feel better. I love a to-do list with things crossed off, such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

Have a great & productive weekend!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are feeling better - have a great weekend!

Deanna said...

To do lists make me feel successful. I hope your weekend lives up to your hopes (and the list).