Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vacation - Daily task

While I was in Florida, I looked for the alligator that lives in the canal behind my parents' house on a daily basis. One day, he was in the lot next to my parents' house and was sunning himself just out of the water.



Since my camera isn't the greatest at zooming in, I used my parents' camera and took a couple of pictures from inside the fence. I should have walked to the other side of the canal. I probably could have gotten a couple of shots at a better angle.

And using their camera just reaffirmed that I need a new camera!! :)


Jennifer said...

Does he ever show interest in the dogs?

Brenda said...

that is neat. I would love that, kinda like watching the birds, but then again...not!! Interesting neighbor to have though. Have never lived where that would be possible.

Thanks for the pics. I think they are fine - almost like 'find waldo' type picture, but I would not want you to get to close!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Scary beast. I couldn't live with gators next door. :)