Monday, June 18, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 6/18

I can't show you what I am actually working on since it is the Scrap Squad quilt, but I did get something quilted yesterday that I can show.

Jen in CT sent this wall hanging to me before I went to NY and I have been contemplating what to quilt on it. I ended up quilting the Square Spiral panto and I think it is perfect! I believe she said the pattern was a Schnibbles and the colors are scrumptious! I just used a white Star brand thread on top and a silver Bottom Line in the bobbin.



And I am now down to 3 more business quilts to quilt. 

And here is the new gal - Lucy or Lula or something. :) She is not sure about the camera yet. More pics of her here.



Jean said...

LOL... cute little thing....

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

That panto looks really cute! C'mon Lucy hasn't even been there a day yet....she's just shy. By the end of the week she'll be posing for you.

skycreative said...

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South Jersey Quilter said...

When Steph got Whiskey as a rescue he was 9 years old and afraid of men. Everything he ate made him sick. He cried when he was put in his crate. It was a rocky first couple of months, and every day she considered giving him back, but she couldn't bring herself to do it, and he eventually settled in, and now he and Toast are best buds, and Whiskey is such a love. Hang in there with Lucy- the pups will adjust.

Sarah said...

She's adorable! How is she fitting in with the other pooches?

Kristie said...

Oh she looks like a "Lula Belle"...hehehehe! She looks so sweet laying there.

I do like that panto, I need to add that one to my collection.

vtquilter said...

Very cute Lucy Lu! Great job on the quilting, it came out great.