Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - 9/25

Blocks finished! I figured that since I was working on one block and I missed a block last month that I might as well make 2 blocks and catch up!

Block #49 -Arabic Lattice. This was recommended to be hand pieced, but I still machine pieced the whole thing. It included partial seams and it still looks pretty good!



Block #50 - Autograph. This was paper pieced and a lot easier than most of the recent blocks.


Next, I need to print out the next 10 blocks and pull some fabric. :)

Anyone else have tiny blocks to share?


Kristie said...

2 beautiful blocks! That first one looks a little complex.

Deb A said...

Great job Jill! Those came out great. I just printed off my next 9..... and am waiting for company to wake up so I can get a picture of my TT block and post!

Jean(ie) said...

The arabic lattice block makes me think of Darth Vader...LOL! Love it! I'm sure Regina will pick up on that.

Looking good, my dear!

Regina said...

LOL - a block like that IS the Dark Side as far as I am concerned!!!

scraphappy said...

Nice work, glad you were able to get two block in. Some are definitely more straight forward than others. Did you ever think you would look at a 4.5 inch block with ONLY 22 pieces as simple?

Jennifer said...

Wow, very cool block!

elizabeth said...

I still love these blocks, it is hard to believe all the detail that goes into such a little work of art.