Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey, Cross Stitchers!

Several years ago, I inherited a large stash of cross stitch items when someone passed away. There were cross stitch kits, stamped cross stitch kits, hard cover books, pamphlets and patterns that fill up a milk crate and lots and lots of miscellaneous cross stitch fabric.

Now, I like to cross stitch, but not this much! I have gone through everything and taken out what I really like and would make if I get back into cross stitching in the future. And I have sold all the kits that I didn't want to keep and I am left with the books, pamphlets, patterns and fabric.

I am thinking that someone out there might possibly have a use for this fabric. Please!! Someone have use for this fabric!

I have it all listed on Craigslist, but I thought that if I showed some pictures here there might be a reader who would be in the market for it. Or who might know someone who knows someone who has a mother who needs it all.

Aida cloth blanket or baby afghans

4 placemats and 4 napkins matching set with navy blue stripe

A bunch of doo dads

And here is where it gets interesting... there is so much cross stitch fabric, but the only stuff that I am familiar with is Aida. There are many sizes of Aida, but I think there is linen, even weave and Hardinger, too. And many colors!

close ups

Most of this below is larger pieces. Like 1 yard cuts of Aida.

I am willing to ship and negotiate. I had things priced for the yard sales and sold a bit of it, but there is still a lot left. Anyone interested?


Cheryl Willis said...

email me, I don't cross stitch but a good friend of mine does, this might make a fun b-day surprise for her. do you barter? I have a ton of fabric, yardage and/or scraps if you want to trade. $$ is OK too- lol

Kara @me_and_elna said...

I'm interested in the fabric (is that what it's called)! What are you asking?

Kim said...

Oh my goodness so much stuff.....I hate to think all of the fabric and projects I am going to leave behind for someone to get rid of :0). Good luck with the sales.

Happy Sewing

MyJourneyBack said...

Wow that is a stash. I am sure someone will love it! BTW I liked your WIP I am visiting from the Sew In tonight takin' a little break.
Nice to meet you.
Have a good weekend,