Friday, December 28, 2012

On the Needles - 12/28

I took my sock with me to the holiday festivities to work on and I made such progress!

I spent a little bit of time last night working on burying the ends on the brown pair that I finished so long ago. At least I can wear them now and they are done done.


And here is the purple sock. Just a couple more rows and I can start the decreases to finish it!


While I was working online last night, I couldn't get away from my little buddy. Lula was sitting on the floor directly under the chair where I was. If I put my feet down, I would have put them on her.



Regina said...

Lula just wants socks of her own! Love that purple stripe... can't wait to see that pair done, too!!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Regina - maybe Lula needs a little vest :)

Maggie said...

Great job on the socks!

Diane Wagner said...

Your socks look really nice. What yarn did you use for the brown pair?

straythreads said...

Lulu would be adorable ok more adorable in a little hand knit vest beautiful socks

Kristie said...

Love your socks! Lula looks so sweet.