Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cross stitching is back!

I feel like I have been bombarded with cross stitching from the Frosted Pumpkin on Instagram in the past few weeks and I finally broke down and ordered a couple of sampler patterns. I also ordered the recommended fabric and it looks like it is going to take a while for it to be shipped. It's that special!

So Thursday night, I checked my floss stash and looked through my cross stitch kits that I saved from last year's purge and decided that I needed to finish up my UFO so that I could start the adorable Frosted Pumpkin samplers without a guilty conscience.

Friday night and Saturday morning, I worked on finishing the back stitching on this bear.


I don't remember why I was making this one and I don't plan on hanging it in my house. I'm wondering if anyone would like it. I will wash it and press it and ship it out....

And since that was finished and I can't start the samplers until the fabric comes in, I started this adorable snowman.


Now, I just need to make sure that I keep up with the quilting. :)


Brenda said...

I ABSOLUTLY LOVE that bear!!!!! He is super cute!! Love, love, love him and you don't want him??!!!

I love to cross stich, it's one thing I did for years when my girls were young - they knew to never touch mommies stuff, so I never had to hide it - and it was just so relaxing. You put alot of time into this little guy - he is beautiful.

And if you are serious about finding him a new home, let me know and we can talk. That snowman is cute to - I have few things at that stage to...... With winter here, I might have to make some time to get busy with my works in progress!!!

Have a super Sunday and make it a great week!!

Jennifer said...

Good job finishing up your UFO - it is hard to find time for both (and I don't even knit), but I am sure the pups won't mind you having a little more couch time with them!

elizabeth said...

I use to cross stitch a lot but as the years went by I was forced to give it up since I have a hard time seeing the little holes. Love the bear and the snow man