Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stash Report Week 1, 2014

Woo hoo to starting off a new year and having a fresh beginning!!

I shopped on New Year's Eve and got 1 yard of fabric to start a new project for my nephew's so I ended 2013 at -117.37 yards. I've been tracking my stash usage for a few years now and here is how 2013 stacked up against the prior years.

2009 usage -178.21
2010 usage -101.93
2011 usage -61.15
2012 usage 36.06
2013 usage -117.37

This was my second worse year since I started keeping track, but I think from my 2013 finishes it is clear that I am not sewing on my own projects nearly enough.

This year, Kara has challenged some friends to not buy any fabric for six months. She also found some other bloggers who have started a Fabriholics Anonymous challenge.


For my rules, I am going to allow myself to buy the B's - backings, borders, bindings and backgrounds. Basically anything that I need to finish a project.

And I am going to work on my UFOs. And to work on my UFOs, I am going to have a UFO parade on my blog sometime in the next week or so. This means that I will have to pull out all of my UFOs and take pictures to show on my blog and will probably create a huge mess in my studio. But it must be done!

Fabric added this week: 0.00
Fabric added YTD: 0.00

Fabric used this week: 0.25
Fabric used YTD: 0.25

Net Fabric Used: 0.25

Off to a great start!!


DeeDee said...

UFOs - every quilter has them and it is always our goal to reduce their numbers each year. Only problem is these dang blogs - I keep seeing so many new and fun quilts that I want to make and they seem to become a priority over the UFOs.

Looking forward to seeing your depleting list of UFOs.

Jennifer said...

Both ideas sound great! I am with you in working in some UFOs - mine are mostly tops that need to be quilted, so I should be able to do that, right? Good luck!

Joyce said...

I've been watching the growing number of people who are participating in the Fabriholics Anonymous challenge. I am going to try to join in since I truly need to rid myself of so much fabric! I probably won't add my name to the list, but so far, I've made it 5 days. Hope the shakes subside soon! lol

Anonymous said...

It is a good start, but I'm guessing this week you still weren't sewing enough. =)

Melanie said...

Good luck with your goals! I'm sure you'll be able to reach them! I've also joined the pledge to not buy fabric for six months at least. I hoping between the stash report and that I can make some progess. Looking forward to seeing what you are working on!

Melinda said...

Oh my, Jill. I can't wait to see your UFO parade. Thank you for not challenging us to join you - at last count I had around 80 UFOs and I don't have the time nor energy to photograph all of them. LOL

Dar said...

I like your goals because they sound vaguely familiar. I wish I had the time to pull out all my UFOs to take pictures, but I could quilt one of them in the time it would take me to do that! I look forward to seeing yours though. Good start for the new year. I'll be watching.

Kara {me and elna} said...

We can do it!!! :)

Lynn M said...

Congratulations on not adding any fabric! lol

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

UFO parade. I should do the same thing.