Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stash Report Week 5, 2014

I'm making some progress on projects this week. I got 2 quilts quilted last week and made progress on two of my own yesterday.

The split nine patch was laid out and I started assembling the rows. I'm hoping to finish that and get the borders on today.

Split Nine Patch in progress

 I also made the nine patches for the disappearing nine patch. I still need to press and cut most of them.

disappearing nine patch in progress

Fabric added this week: 0.00
Fabric added YTD: 6.08

Fabric used this week: 1.79
Fabric used YTD: 20.44

Net Fabric Used: 14.36

I can't tell if this little guy is enjoying the time in the studio or not. :)



Anonymous said...

Numbers are looking good! ~Melanie

Anonymous said...

Stash looks good, Split 9 looks great, and dog looks like he's appealing to you to throw the toy. =)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

love that split 9 patch. It's going to be a stunning quilt.

Jennifer said...

Wow, look how far into the black you are! Split nines look great!