Wednesday, January 25, 2017

BOM and quilt class

The last time I posted was the day of my first BOM. This Saturday, is a quilt class using the ruler from the BOM class 10 days ago. It's about time that I share some pics!

Tina, my partner in crime who is taking the BOM and classes with me, had her block made by 8 PM the day of the class. Over achiever! lol

This is the fabric kit that the shop was offering and Tina and I got the same color variation - speckled white background and bright fabrics.

After seeing another friend's finished block the next day (seriously, they make me feel like a slacker!!), I decided that I needed a black for my background.

I chose an old fabric from my stash - Water Drops by P&B Textiles.

And here is my finished block. It was so easy with the Deb Tucker ruler, the Tucker Trimmer!

This Saturday, we taking the Solitaire class to get  more familiar with the Tucker Trimmer. The pattern is a Card Trick design with 4 colors and a background. I am trying to use fabrics from stash and had the pink and purple. I matched it with the light mustard and green from the shop. I figured that I would see what background would work between gray and black.

I think the black is the clear winner! Time to get the fabric cut for class!


Teri said...

I can see the quilting MOJO returning.

Vic H. said...

Looks nice...and the black was a good choice as well! Have fun...

Jennifer said...

I like the block and the colors you picked out for the next one - hope the class is fun today!